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Türje, Premonstratensian Provostship

The church of the Premonstratensian provostship of Türje, reconstructed in the 18th century is aturje_003.jpg monument of great importance since it is one of the most intact medieval brick constructions extant in Hungary. Its constitutional elements, just as well as the church as a whole, preserved the characteristics of the thirteenth-century Gothic architecture.

turje_007.jpg The Premonstratensian provostship of Türje was founded in 1230 in honour of the Virgin Mary by the viceroy Dénes from the Türje clan. The establishment acquired the rights of an authentification place already in the 13th century, and continued this activity until 1550. The three-nave church with two towers decorating its western facade had three originally semicircular apses, the middle one of which had an elongated form. Octagonal pillars with richly carved capitals sustain the groined vaults of the ceiling. Over the entrance we find a choir.

The church had suffered serious damages during the wars against the Turks in the 16th and 17thturje_002.jpg centuries. Its restoration took place in the 18th century. Instead of the original semicircular apses the aisles received rectangular termination. A chapel was annexed to the northern side and the semicircular entrance was decorated with a Baroque style framework. In spite of the reconstructions, the two towers are entirely products of the thirteenth-century construction, just like its walls save some parts of the central nave and of the aisles. The arch-stones of the vaulting of the central nave, and the abutments of the aisle vaults are of late-Romanesque or of Gothic style.

turje_006.jpgThe frescos of the interior were painted by Istv
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