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Monasticism and monastic culture have always had very close ties with the art of successive ages. The architectural design of medieval monasteries and specially the plastic ornamentation of their walls are very often masterpieces of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Good examples of this we can find amongst the monastery churches of western and northern Transdanubia. One of the most characteristic examples is the abbey church of the Pannonhalma Benedictine Abbey, specially its thirteenth-century parts and the fifteenth-century vaultings in late-Gothic style. The cloister of the abbey is also a beautiful monument of the Gothic style.
From the point of view of church architecture, each of the medieval monastery churches convey important data about the evolution of Hungarian architecture, but there are certain ones that deserve special attention mainly because they were preserved almost intact which is not very common in the history of Hungarian historical monuments. The crypt of the Tihany Abbey, the monastery churches of J
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